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Welcome to our web site!

We are a family owned and operated Beekeeping company located in the beautiful Ojai Valley. Most of the Spring and Summer months our bees are here in Ojai making a variety of different honey. Our bees make Orange honey from the many Orange trees here
in Ojai, Sage honey ( when we have lots of rain, ) Buckwheat Honey later in the summer, Avocado honey from Avocado blossoms, and Wildflower from the abundant wildflowers in the foothills around Ojai.

We collect pollen from the bees which is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and it also helps with controlling allergy and hay fever problems. When we harvest the honey we get "cappings" which is the beeswax that the bees also produce. We use the beeswax for producing fine beeswax candles and figures and our beeswax cosmetics. Another substance that the bees produce is propolis, a sticky resin that the bees collect from the buds of trees and has antibacterial properties, we sometimes have propolis but not always.

Another substance that the bees make is called royal jelly, royal jelly is what the worker bees feed to the queen bee, it is what she exclusively eats and lives on. The amazing thing about royal jelly is that it has the ability to alter the development of a young worker bee to change it into an queen bee.  In the Fall and Winter we move our bees down to the coastal areas since it is warmer down there in the Winter. The bees sometimes make eucalyptus honey on the coast in the winter but only when conditions are right. Around February we take the bees up north to pollinate the almond trees in the San Joaquin Valley near Fresno. This is an exciting time because it signals the beginning of Spring and the almond bloom is quite a sight to see.

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