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Beeswax Skin Cream

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Ojai Valley Bee Farm's Beeswax Skin Cream moisturizes and protects by providing natural beeswax emollients for day-long skin care.

  Beeswax Skin Cream softens skin and in time will create a flexible smooth surface on the skin and even soften fine lines.  It is very effective in preventing dryness and offers relief from dry skin.

Available in two sizes:   

4 oz. and 2 oz.

Ojai Valley Bee Farm's  Original Beeswax Skin Cream

Ingredients: Light mineral oil, Purified water, Pure Beeswax, Honey, Sodium Borate.  Natural Beeswax fragrance.

4 oz. $ 12.00 each  
2 oz. $7.00 each

We have been making our beeswax skin cream for over 12 years and every year our business grows because more and more people find out about Ojai Valley Bee Farm's Beeswax Skin Cream.  

Our skin cream is formulated to bring out all the beneficial aspects of Beeswax.   The hydrating properties of honey replenish vital skin moisture lost due to the drying effects of environmental elements. 

Just recently an dermatologist discovered our cream and he is using it himself.  We have stacks of letters from people raving about our beeswax skin cream.

Ojai Valley Bee Farm's Beeswax Skin Cream is a unique beeswax emulsion.  What make our skin cream so special ? --  a simple formula.  Ojai Valley Bee Farm's Beeswax Skin Cream contains more beeswax than any other cream that can be found in the best beauty stores.  Because pure beeswax is the main ingredient, we do not add any perfumes or fragrance to our cream, we simply rely on the natural fragrance from the beeswax itself. 

Our tried and true formula delivers the high quality beeswax skin cream that our customers have come to expect.

Benefits of using Ojai Valley Bee Farm's Beeswax Skin Cream:

  • Our beeswax skin cream is so soft and silky that only a small amount is necessary

  • It protects your skin in harsh, dry, windy weather

  • Excellent for people who are in water a lot or for those who work with their hands in drying environments.

We do not recommend beeswax skin cream for oily skin.


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