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We offer a secure payment processing system.

Our order form uses the PayPal system featured on eBay.


1.  Click on the "Add to Cart" button next to the item you wish to purchase, your items will be added to a shopping cart.

2.  After you have added all the items to your cart your payment will be processed with PayPal.

3.  The PayPal process requires a sign up process which will keep all your payment information confidential and simply transfers the funds to our account.

4.  Existing PayPal users may use their existing account.


Shipping Rates

Order Amount:           Rate:

 $0.01   -    $9.99      =       $7.75

 $10.00 -   $49.99      =      $10.00

 $50.00 -   $99.99      =     $14.50

$100.00 - $199.99     =     $18.50

$200.00 - and over    =     $22.00

For any questions you can contact us via e-mail at:   info@ojaivalleybeefarm.com

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